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My adventure with creating games started when I was about 16 years old, right at the begining of my education as technician IT. Writing programs in pascal, C, C++ and Java was quite fun, and I found out – pretty fast – that I was a bit closer to what I want to do in my life. But it wasn’t it yet.

Few years later, after I became technician IT,  I realized, that I could merge my passions, which were: playing games and programming. So I did, and I decided to continue my education and I went to WSNHID where I was studying IT as a game developer. And that was it!

Playing with C++ in SFML, C# in XNA was pretty interesting and I was learning a lot about gamedev and stuff. But my first ‘big’ project, that I really could be proud of was made in Unity. Game was called NanoT, and we (team of 5) create this game for Microsoft Imagine Cup competition in 2014 where we achieved 3rd place in national finals. You can read more about the game here. After that, I moved to UE4. I kept working in this engine and after some time I got a proposal from the university I was studying in to get one of my game that I made with friend and show it on Poznań Game Arena 2014. The game we showed was Tacolypse and it was another interesting experience in my life.

After becoming Bachelor of Computer Science with specialization in Game Design i kept working in UE4 and took part in two Epic’s game jams. The game we (me and Dawid Niemiec did) were: Love Van (but wasn’t successful) and 2nd one was Freedom Code thanks to which we became finalists again.

I’ve spent around a month on adding stuff here and there in Freedom Code and then I joined fragOut Studio and I worked there for 8 months. Initially I was working on some project in unity, but after 2-3 months I started to work on Thunder Tier One.


If you want, you can contact with me at contact@aszwed.com.