LoveVan – my very first game jam

Love is a Battlefield” – that was my very first game jam theme, that I had opportunity to deal with. I must say, that theme itself wasn’t really interesting for me, but I was very determined to participate anyways.

So, I’ve teamed up with Dawid Niemiec, and as a result of our work, LoveVan was born.
Idea was simple, player’s job, was to keep driving through endless neighbourhood while delivering ‘Love’ to certain houses. Since, destruction in games is awesome, we’ve decided to add that aspect as well. Two types of pickups, few simple AIs and world generator later, our game was ready.

LoveVan picture

If you want, you can watch gameplay on youtube (or get it from here: download [68.3 MiB]).
Also, if you want to play it, you can download game here: download [165.2 MiB].


I was responsible for:

  • AI programming
  • UI programming
  • gameplay programming (partially)

Dawid was working on level design and gameplay as well. He also made 3d models, that we’ve used in final release.

Additionally, we’ve used:
– Universal Sound FX (UE4 marketplace) – sounds
– Military Weapons Dark (UE4 marketplace) – sounds & particles
– Content Examples (UE4 martketplace) – particles
– Music by Joshua Empyre
– Countdown sounds by Volterock

In short:

Epic February Game Jam | Theme: Love is a Battlefield | UE4 | BPs > C++ | 3-4 days
Gameplay video youtube, download [68.3 MiB] | LoveVan game download [165.2 MiB]

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